Have you ever asked yourself if schools in America are exactly as presented in the movies?

Our class, the 8d, had the opportunity to ask an American teacher that question. Her name is Emily Stanley and she is a German teacher at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado.

On November 3rd we met Ms Stanley in a video call. She is a very friendly person and she told us everything we wanted to know. It was one of our most interesting English classes ever. We learned so many new things about the US!

We had three categories of questions: Personal life, school life and Germany/the US in comparison. Everyone had the chance to ask Ms Stanley one question. For example we found out that Ms Stanley has two dogs, is married and has a son. She is a German teacher because she is fascinated by the German language and wants to teach it to others. We also found out that students at her school have to take 21 tests during a semester and are also involved in a lot of extracurricular activities after school – so an American school day is long and can be quite stressful!

Even though this call was already a lot of fun, we are not done exploring American school life yet. We are now participating in a virtual student exchange with the German 2 class that Ms Stanley teaches. Our exchange will include exchanging pictures, chatting and talking in video calls. We will also exchange videos about our respective cities.

At this point we would like to thank Ms Weiß and Ms Stanley for organizing this virtual exchange as a replacement for all the trips our class will sadly not be able to attend this year.

We are looking forward to meeting our exchange buddies and learn more about America!

written by: Fernanda Braunschweig, Madita Niebuhr and Emilie Bauer (8d)